Q & A's

What types of pottery do you have?

We carry multiple styles of bisque plates, bowls, mugs, vases, plaques, candle holders, figurines, ornaments, and much more.  Our selection is always changing!

What is 'bisque'?

Bisque is what we call a ceramic item that is ready to paint.  It has a hard porous surface which can be painted with

various ceramic glazes.

Do you make all these yourself?

We have several molds and have been supplementing inventory with in-house items for a while now.  We are currently running 1/3 to 1/2 of our inventory with items we make ourselves.  Older molds are more intricate and detailed than items we can order commercially, which makes them even more fun.

Do you have a pottery wheel?/Can we make our own pottery?

Sorry, no.  We dont have the room or experience to offer this aspect of pottery creation to our customers.

Can you paint my piece for me?

Absolutely!  Please understand that while we are  involved with custom work, we are unable to attend to the normal duties of the business.  As such, there is an additional charge for custom work, based on the time spent painting.  We frequently embellish these pieces with more intricate decoration.  We take pride in our custom pieces so it may take longer than normal to have your piece completed.

How long does it take to complete a piece?

That totally depends on you, the artist.  Take as long as you'd like while painting.  Most painters spend 1-2 hours in the studio, while some of our more seasoned painters take several hours.  If you do not finish your piece in one sitting you are welcome to take it home and return to finish at your pace.  Sorry, we do not have space to store unfinished pieces at the shop.  Once your work is complete, we will have your fired piece ready in approximately 10 days.

Is there any way that you can have it ready faster than that?

Due to the cost of electricity needed to run the kiln, we try to fill it  for each cycle.   There is a $10 "rush order fee" to have your entire order completed in 3 business days.  This helps offset the cost of running a partial load.  However, this amount of time does not allow us to fix any rare issues , such as paint crawling, which would normally be corrected and require a second firing.

What if I don't have time to finish my piece today?

You can take your item home with you and come back to paint at your convenience any time within the next 30 days at no additional charge.  After the 30 day time period, there will be an additional studio fee.

How much does it cost to come paint?

It depends on the piece that you choose to paint.  Our prices currently range $2 - $150 but most items fall in the $10- $35 price range.  The cost of the piece covers studio time, basic paint, glaze and firing. We do have speialty paints and glazes that cost a bit more to use.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the business, we cannot offer refunds once a piece has been fired.  Of course, there is an exception in the event that we accidentally damage your item.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, and they can be purchased in any amount you wish.  If you are purchasing from out of state, we can take a card payment by phone and mail the gift certificate to your recipient.

Do I need a reservation?

Nope!  You are welcome to come in any time we're open.  We only require reservations for large groups such as birthday parties, field trips, baby showers, etcetera.

Are completed pieces food safe?

We are pleased to offer non-toxic paints and glazes of the highest quality.  The finished pottery pieces are food safe but should not be put in the microwave or dishwasher.

Can I just buy the piece without painting and firing it in your shop?

Certainly!  We are happy to sell pieces at a 30% discount, if you will not need any of the other services our studio offers.

Can you fire a piece for me that I didn't get in your studio?

In many cases, we can.  Please bring your item to the studio so that we can look it over and verify that it is the right type of pottery.

What if I painted something a long time ago and didn't pick it up?

If it has been more than 3 months, we cannot guarantee that it will still be available.  After 3 months, we may donate, sell, or  discard your piece.  Don't worry, though, we will reach out to you  at lest 3 times before taking this action.  If you need extra time, let us know, and we will gladly accommodate.

Is there any way I can take it home today?

We now offer acrylic paints and a shiny spray on coating.  Anything painted with acrylics can be taken home the same day.  However, acrylics cannot be used on anything that needs to be food safe, such as plates, mugs, bowls, spoon rests and such.

We can, but prefer not to.  Items frequently get broken by USPS no matter how we package it, and UPS is very expensive for proper packaging.

Can you ship my items?