Fire and Ice Art Studio is privately owned and operated. Originally known as Possibly Picasso, the studio was purchased by Mellenie in October, 2014.  With a new name comes new life and a new vision.  Fire and Ice is a traditional "Paint Your Own Pottery" studio.  We offer a huge selection of pre-fired bisque to choose from and have all the paints and tools you will need to create your masterpiece.  Our helpful staff will guide you through the process.  Once completed, we will glaze your piece and fire it in our kiln, and you will have a treasure that will last a lifetime.
About the Owner
Mellenie has been painting pottery for nearly 20 years.  This hobby became a passion and she now enjoys helping others create their own masterpieces. She has learned many new techniques, which she loves sharing with those willing to try something new.  Outside of the studio, Mellenie is a married mother of 2.  She enjoys reading, gaming, photography, shooting, and many outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, and obstacle course racing.

Mellenie Milone